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Who Can You Trust?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Can You Trust?

Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the people to whom you may lay yourself bare. They may still be the ones who will eventually betray you (remember Judas?), but if the Holy Spirit led you to them, then HE has a plan for the entire relationship you shared.

This is actually to encourage you to unburden yourself. Too many of us are carrying around baggage because we don’t trust anyone to whom we feel comfortable confessing our secret pains. We are instructed to “confess our sins, one to another,” but too many of us are confessing to those GOD hasn’t sanctioned for those confessions. We need to confess, but we also want to feel safe during and after those confessions. Too many of us have been betrayed by those GOD hasn’t led us toward, and because of those betrayals, we have more sins and hurts to confess, thus burdening our already hurting souls even the more.

This advice to share and unburden by no means allows you to turn someone into your personal therapist or trash can, please use discretion; but it does mean to stop allowing past pain to hinder you from fully merging into your path of destiny. Don’t ride the shoulder anymore because you’ve become a “wide load” from carrying all that excess baggage.

JESUS said, “Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” HE is concerned about ALL that concerns you, even the fear of being betrayed. HE knows about being betrayed, doesn’t HE? But it didn’t stop HIM, neither from sharing with Judas, nor doing what HE was called to do. Let HIM lead you along the path, even when the path looks riddled with seemingly bottomless potholes and seemingly insurmountable roadblocks. Faith is walking anyway, despite what it looks like.

You can trust JESUS; HE won’t steer you wrong. HE may steer you towards something that looks like it will hurt you, but if HE’s with you and leading that way, then go there. If it does end up hurting you, HE’s beside you to be the Balm in Gilead. If it doesn’t end up hurting you, then you've learned to take a leap of faith and trusting the LORD JESUS even the more.

Let HIM lead you to the people HE has created for you to interact with. The relationships may not always look good, but they will work out for your good because you will grow, and do, and work, and accomplish, and prosper...

The Psalmist

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