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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh! If I had the words to adequately describe what I'm feeling today...

Last night at the Prayer and Healing Service I experienced an encounter with GOD I have been seeking for a long time. I experienced something like it years ago at a few of our annual Women's Weekends of Restoration, but because GOD meets us at our present need and doesn't need to repeat anything because HE is THE CREATOR, HE took me to a place I've not seen or felt or heard in a while. HE wants me to reach out to HIM again as I used to, to seek after HIM as I used to, to run after HIM as the deer that pants for the brook's water.

It was like being washed thoroughly; every concern, ache and pain was just washed away. I wept with joy as HE spoke directly to me (I'm crying again at the remembrance of it..). And when I came home, I slept as I haven't in months.

I urge you, if you haven't been to that place of intimacy with THE LORD GOD, get there and yearn to get there in every waking moment. It's indescribable! I tried, but the words here are not even pale in comparison to what really happened.

We are anticipating a "Sound" that only those who are in tune with the HOLY SPIRIT will be able to hear. We are praying for the Body of Christ to unify and do what it was commissioned to do. Then the "Sound" will come like a mighty rushing wind to sweep through the land and give credence to the miracles that will be almost commonplace. But for that to occur, the people of GOD need to humble ourselves and pray, seek HIS FACE, and turn from our wicked ways. THEN GOD SAYS, HE will hear from Heaven and forgive our sin and heal our land.

The need to do that is so overwhelming right now, I can't help but rejoice that GOD still has mercy enough to reiterate instructions on how to regain HIS EAR as HE stands waiting with open arms to receive us unto HIMSELF again. HE wants us to be whole, HE wants us to run and not be weary, HE wants us to prosper as our souls prosper, but we have to want it as well.

My brothers, my sisters, as you ponder your place in HIS plan, seek HIS FACE as you haven't before, not for new instructions, but to get clarity on what you missed in the previous set of instructions. HE will not allow us to move forward without each step being complete. Sit quietly before HIM. Let HIS presence envelope you and when you have been released, do what HE has commanded.

We need this like never before. There is a "SOUND!"

The Psalmist

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