Thursday, December 22, 2016

9/10/01 Lessons

"This is a haunting image of the World Trade Center during a dramatic storm. It was snapped on September 10, 2001, one day prior to the 9/11 Attacks. Even amidst the turbulent winds, cracking thunder, and stone-cold rain, the towers stand tall and strong for their final hours. This photo not only serves as a reminder to the American People of September 11th’s events, but symbolizes the strength needed to endure a difficult time."

That was the original caption printed under this, now, haunting image. What it brought to mind is resilience. It served as a reminder that although storms loomed on the horizon, although the trouble that came next was even worse than could have been imagined, although the subsequent horrors we survived came out of left field, although countless lost their lives, and although the nation was centered around NY, the effect was felt worldwide, we carried on, we bounced back. Through tears, broken bodies, and rubble, we still rose from the ashes, wiser and warier.

We may be gearing up for the battle of our lives, and some things may come from left field, but we've found that despite differences, when we come together, we can get through even the murkiest of circumstances.

Some have already begun to rally, sounding the war cry, while others prefer to hang back, conserving their strength, strategizing, awaiting the real war; regardless on where the gamut we fall, we may fall together, but we also rise together.

I post this from a heart that is both heavy with fear of possibilities and light with hope for possibilities.  My eyes have been opened, and so has my heart, but make no mistake, in the face of battle, my fist is closed.  I could cast aspersions, but that would be energy wasted, when it is better spent in prayer and preparation.

Some are standing in "The battle is not yours, it's the Lord's," while others are standing in "He trains my hands for battle, He strengthens my arm to draw a bow of bronze." The both are from the same manual, the Holy Scriptures, so I stand in both, behind God, my General, my Commander in Chief. I ask for a heart and body strong enough to see my convictions through.

But as of right now, I wait... 

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