Sunday, September 4, 2016

You're valuable

You! Hey, you!  Yes, you!  You are valuable!

You are important!

You matter!

You are worth so much more than your mind can conceive right now!

God already calls you the "apple of His Eye" (Jeremiah 2:8) and "His workmanship" (Philippians 2:10).  So why are you calling yourself anything else but the treasure that you are?  Why does your face look like a gloomy day?

Don't you know that you mean the world to someone?  No, seriously!  Here's your "It's a Wonderful Life" moment.  You may not have recognized how many lives you've touched as you've gone throughout your day, but there's someone out there who may owe their very life to you, simply because you may have glanced their way.  To you, it was just another moment out of a million other "insignificant" moments, but to them, it may have been that split second that saved them from stepping in front of a speeding bus.  Or someone who was feeling invisible and your glance let them know that someone actually "saw" them.  That child that you smiled at may go on to produce the cure for AIDS simply because they felt like they mattered enough for you to smile at them.

Don't take yourself for granted.  God created you for a purpose.  Today may feel like a struggle just to get out of bed, and there are days like that, but trusting and believing in the God Who knows you matter, makes all the difference.

Say to yourself, "I matter!  I am important! I hold significant value!"

Keep repeating it until you believe it.

Now walk in it!
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